Let Us Talk Shop

Hello, Hola, Hallo.

Feel free to leave me a message on my handy dandy internet messaging device. Otherwise you can reach out on my varying social media platforms or join my Discord channel.


Frequently Aske Questions

What is the best way to contact you?

There is no right answer, unfortunately. I have many avenues of communication, but the closest I can get is directing you to my Discord channel(s).

Are you looking for collaboration on your projects?

Absolutely! I am always looking for other creative minded individiauls to create and build awesome things.

What other kinds of stories or series are you a fan of?

Huge fan of Blade Runner, Ghost in a Shell, The Farseer Trilogy, Battlestar Galactica, & old world history.

Who are some of your favorite animated characters?

Calvin and Hobbes. Fry and Bender. Archer & gang.

Can we really use the TMNT stuff for anything?

For anything, really, but it is not required to message me for permission. However I would still love to hear from you and see your project in action so drop me a line mid progress or when you are finished.

What are some of the tools you use for your projects?

Adobe creative suite has been a staple in my life since Photoshop 6. However, WordPress, Google Sheets, Midjourney, and DeWalt are some of the my others tools too.