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doug from finance

Clash Royale + Clash of Clans

clash royale
zelda breath of the wild

From ideas to musings, silly vines and pretty designs, you can find most of my creative output somewhere on this website. As a firm believer that everyone is a free and unique spirt I like to give a lot of my stuff for free. I believe in voluntarism and have no problem sharing my art, designs and resources. Feel free to click around as this round is on the house!

What started as mere curiosity has now become a full-blown passion, obsession, a way of life. With my continual thirst for knowledge(and hopefully some wisdom) I’m continually expanding my consciousness. After being frustrated that I couldn’t chat online with my friends I set out to create an Instant Messenger account. That lead to more web searches, video games and internet gifs. Slowly but surely I need to install new hardware to meet the demands of my geekery. From there I picked up small snippet of code, learned how to hack images in MS Paint and even taught my mom how not to click on link bait or viruses. Both of which she did. Everything on my website is more than 2 decades of creations, graphics and more.

clash of clans
heros of the storm

I’m currently located in St. Louis, MO, working for Budget Heating, Cooling & Plumbing as the Marketing Director. When I’m not at work I’m usually lurking about on my laptop or learning Norwegian. If you’re interested in collaborating on a project, want to sling ideas around or would like to hire me(for my beard or my creativity) you can message me here or contact me through NEBSTL.

There are a lot of tools in my arsenal that help me do me, better, faster and harder(sorry, anti Oxford commas). I’ll be detailing a list of my resources, tools, apps, my process and anything else that may be beneficial.

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